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Reusable for 3-5 Years, and more with care. Saving you money every year.  

hannahCUP Menstrual Cup

hannahCUP Menstrual Cup

Reusable for more than 5 Years, and more with care. Saving you... 

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  • Michiko Gargallo

    Day 3 of using Hannahpad's pantyliners and I'm surprised on how comfy it is! 😊 What's more amazing is it's eco friendly and reusable.

    Definitely worth it for something that you use everyday. 👍🏻  Will purchase more and try their sanitary pads too.

  • Ina Frondozo

    I loved it! I thought it would be hassling to wash them but surprisingly it wasn’t that bad. Plus they’re super absorbent and I love all the designs. My periods are now plastic and waste free! 🌍❤️

  • Leanne Laoang

    I recommend this product, it is very comfortable, soft and incredibly more absorbent compared to conventional pads. And I also love the designs. 

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