Why Reusables?

Many people still think using reusable cloth pads are gross. We understand if you're one of them, but hear us out before making the decision to say no to cloth. Have you ever thought about what all the chemicals inside the disposable pads and tampons are doing to your body? Do you know how much is going to landfill every year from disposable pads and tampons? Do you keep track of how much you're spending on purchasing pads and tampons that you will be throwing away in a few hours? Read on so we can tell you all about it!

hannahpad_for your healthConventional disposable pads and tampons contain irritating chemicals and additives that interfere with how our body works naturally. And you don't want these near you, especially at one of the most sensitive areas of your body! The skin of your labia is very thin and sensitive, and it absorbs very well. Think of all the chemicals entering your body! With hannahpads, you are safe from these unwanted substances. The top & absorption layers are unbleached and non-dyed. And it's organic cotton too! Why do we not use regular cotton? It's because 5 of the top 9 pesticides used to grow regular cotton are known cancer-causing chemicals. With organic cotton, you're also safe from these pesticides too. It's truly one of the most natural way to bleed through.
And in speaking of natural bleeding, your period shouldn't be thought of something gross or troublesome. It's a perfectly normal, natural, and healthy thing! Many people get the perception that it's gross especially because of the smell of a used disposable pad. (and yes, I was one of them too before.) But, did you know that your menstrual blood doesn't stink like that? The odor comes from the chemical reactions and bacteria that grows when blood is absorbed into the chemical-full pad. With hannahpads, it shouldn't smell like anything but your normal discharge & blood.  Get to know your body. Embrace what it's doing. 


hannahpad_for the environmentDid you know one person uses up to 16,000, SIXTEEN THOUSAND pads and tampons over her lifetime? And it's not only the pads that we need to consider here. There's also all the packaging materials (also mainly plastic!) used to manufacture and ship out all the those disposable pads and tampons. Now I say that is a lot of waste dumped to landfill!

Hannahpads last you years before you throw them away to the compost bin. Cotton biodegrades, so that's where the pads go! (But, make sure to check with your municipality to confirm where cotton products are thrown away ;-) ) With hannahpads, you decrease your environmental footprint and feel good about it every month!



hannahpad_for your savings

With a good Hannahpad set in your hands, you're good to go for the next several years. No more last minute trips to the store to get pads.
Lets say it costs about Php 10 per pad or tampon on average (that's including all absorbency). Remember the 16,000 pads for lifetime as mentioned above? Multiply the two and you get Php 160,000! Php 160,000 is what one spends over her lifetime on trash. Investing in a set of cloth pads may seem expensive upfront, but it will save to tons in the future.


So now that you know why it's better to use reusable cloth pads, you are now wondering why hannahpad over many others? We've summed it up for you!

Organic Cotton 

All of hannahpad cloth pads have organic cotton layer on the inside where it touches your skin. No contact with residue of harmful chemicals or pesticides. The organic cotton is certified by Control Union.
Unbleached, Undyed, Chemical-Free
All of the cotton fabric used in our hannahpads are unbleached and undyed,
so they are truly chemical-free and great for your body.
No PUL Layer
At hannahpad, we use a special waterproof coating on the inner side of the outer pattern layer instead of the conventional separate PUL layer that most brands use. This allows air to flow through more freely while doing its job to resist water going through.
This type of coating is recommended by the Greenpeace organization.
So Many Patterns to Choose From
hannahpad cloth pads are not the ordinary color blocks or plain ivory. There are so many beautiful patterns to choose to your taste! And the patterns are continuously updated, so more selections are available in the future.
High Quality Snaps
The snaps for hannahpads are high quality plastic. Unlike some metal snaps out in the market, these plastic snaps minimizes the chances of allergic reaction.